Welcome to this blog! My intention in doing this blog is to connect many people who are interested in developing a Christian worldview in youth through faith integrated learning experiences and through nurturing faith development in Christian K-12 educational settings. My hope is that this will become a great place to share ideas, books, resources, links, etc. around the topic of nurturing faith. The beauty of our electronic world is that it allows us to connect and communicate in ways previously not even dreamed of. To that end this blog is a first step at providing a forum for discussion and sharing.



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3 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Del Groen

    My student chapel worship leader team and I are dialogueing about developing small-group teams consisting of groups that cut across high school and middle school to enhance spiritual growth, to facilitate communnity and “connectedness”, and to promote unity. This would also be intended to help incorporate / draw in the isolated students, resulting in a school security fringe benefit. Do any of you already have a small group set-up in your schools. If so, I would like to learn from you.

  2. Del – Great commment and question! We have had small groups in place in our middle school at Holland Christian for the last 3-4 years and have learned much along the way. The person responsible for putting these together and leading them has done a great job – her name is Jan Vogelzang – you can contact her at- jvogelzang@hollandchristian.org.

    Also – when we get our Member Community Center going shortly I would like to pose your question in a forum there and encourage further sharing. I think we have much to share and learn from each other about what is engaging our students in the process of nurturing their faith. I am also hearing interest in the topic of worship as a further discussion point. Stay tuned!

  3. Pete Post

    Hello Dan, This is Pete Post – veteran Christian School teacher (1 year Timothy, 30 years Elim) and new professor of education at Trinity Christian College where I hope to be able to help potential Christian school teachers make some sort of sense of this wonderful yet challenging profession. I’m trying my first interim class next week and I have a dozen college students who are going to help me develop some academic games that we hope to make available through CSI. We’ll be coming up to Grand Rapids to peruse the CSI library and create some activities that we will put on CDs (or on the website) to pass along to teachers who would like them. There are so many excellent teachers out there who have developed excellent strategies/materials. I am hoping that we can continue to find ways to share information and the web has tremendous potential although often the sheer volume of it makes it quite intimidating/frustrating (at least for me).
    Once we make these games available, it is my hope that other teachers may challenge themselves and their classes to share what they have done as well. Hopefully CSI will help in their endeavor. I’m very exited about the potential here.

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