A word of explanation

If you have been to this blog before today you probably have noticed that, as you now look at it, things have been moved around a bit. Well there was a method to my madness! Considering that some of you may be a bit unfamiliar with blogs, I thought it important to have a smiling face greeting you when you clicked on last week’s invitation. So, along with my smiling face I thought it important to give some introductory information. That page is now still accessible as a “static” page on the right side column under the heading of Pages. However, I have now switched the content so that, for your reading convenience, the latest posts are always at the top. If you wish to read the line of thinking and responses chronologically, you will have to go to the bottom of the blog or the earliest archives. If you wish to comment on a posting or just read other comments, just click on the word comments at the bottom of each post.

One other helpful feature – as I write each post or post the work of other contributors, I will put a category tag on each post. You can see the tags, such as distinctively Christian, change, kids/culture, etc. listed under each title and then they also appear on the right as categories. If, after we get more posts, you wish to read everything within a certain category, you can simply click on that category on the right side and all posts with that tag will appear. Pretty slick, huh?

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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