Member Community Center (MCC) now open for members!

As indicated by the CSI logo on this blog, this blog is being written and edited by me for Christian Schools International. The mission of Christian Schools International is to advance and support Christian education throughout the world. One way is through this blog which is open to all interested in nurturing faith, whatever their role – administrator, pastor, parent, interested person, etc.

Another way that CSI will be providing support, discussion, materials, etc. for Christian education is through our newly opened Member Community Center. This Center is open to all member schools and accessible by password. If you are a member of CSI, but didn’t get an email invitation and password, please contact Lydia at If you are not a member of CSI but would like to access the Member discussion board and resources, this is possible for a modest annual fee. Please contact Lydia as listed above.

From time to time in blog posts there will be links that connect the reader directly with a particular document in the Member Community Center. These documents will help to provide the context and depth that is not possible in a shorter blog post. Ongoing discussion around the document/concept can then happen on the MCC discussion board on the main administrator page.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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