Encourage a teacher today!

Tell them that, according to a July 2006 Harris poll, they are working in a profession that adults consider to be one of the six most prestigious occupations. Since Harris began asking adults in 1977 to rate the prestige level of various occupations, teaching has been the only occupation that has shown an increase. What a great opportunity our teachers have in Christian schools to develop relationships with students over an extended period of time and to encourage and to nurture their faith!


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7 responses to “Encourage a teacher today!

  1. How interesting. This just raises more questions for me.
    If it is prestegious why are so few college students entering the Christian School teaching profession at the Middle School and High School levels?
    If the teaching profession is so prestegious why does it seem to be compensated at such a low level?
    What makes it prestigious?
    Do not get me wrong. I am proud to be a teacher and educator and I absolutely love my job. I thnk God that he called me to this profession. I simply find it inronic that we seem to treat those whom we trust to educate our next generation as part time workers. Believe me I have heard that one enough. Yet polls say it is a prestigious job. Last time I looked prestege did not pay the bills.
    Just some random thoughts.

  2. Alicia Christensen

    I went to a small Christian school for 13 years and then when I had to decide where I wanted to go to college I chose a small Christian college and have been attending for 2 ½ years. I plan to become a teacher and I think this is because of the teachers that I have had throughout my educational experience. I have made relationships with teachers that have encouraged me in my gifts and really taught me how to live a Christian life and this is what I want to do. Teachers can have such an impact on their students. My teachers had made such a difference in my life that I chose to become a teacher and help children succeed academically and spiritually. I want to influence the lives of young children so that they in return can influence the lives of those that will come after them.

  3. Anna Jensen

    I went to a Christian school for all of my life. I had excellent teachers that served as positive role models for me and always gave me guidance in my education and walk with God. I have had many great teachers that have impacted my life to make me want to provide students with the great education that I had growing up. I want to be able to have an impact on my students and encourage them to learn in a comfortable environment that allows them to grow both mentally and in their faith. All of the teachers that I have had were encouraging, uplifting, and made sure that we knew we could come to them with any problems we had. When I have a classroom of my own I hope to build relationships with my students and show similar qualities that many of my teachers have shown me.

  4. Jill Buehler

    This is not surprising to hear, but it is encouraging as an education major. I hope that one day I can be considered a successful teacher. As almost any teacher will tell you, I have many great examples of teachers from my past. While I did not realize it at the time, they had an impact on my decision to teach. They encouraged me in the subjects where I excelled and helped me through the subjects that brought trouble. I hope I will do the same as a teacher.

    • Carl Schnider

      Your words let me know you really want to do a great job in teaching students. Best of luck in your future endevors.

  5. Maddy Manden

    This is very encouraging to hear as an education major. I can not wait to become a successful teacher and have an impact on many children’s lives. Looking back to elementary school, teachers were all ways there for me because I spent most of my day with them. They even made me love learning and want to become a teacher myself. I agree with this poll teachers have a great impact on students and especially their dreams. I just want to encourage all of the teachers that are struggling with their students, ‘you are doing a great job and you may not think so now but you are making a different. So thanks and keep up the good work.’

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