A great crowd of witnesses (classroom)

One of the ways we encourage and assist in developing faith in students is to share the inspiring stories and faith journeys of those who have gone before us. A great new resource to assist in this area is the book Witness by Norm Matheis and Syd Hielema. Ten Old Testament, ten New Testament, and ten contemporary historical figures are highlighted in paintings and text on two-page spreads. This book could be used with all ages of students and adults – it is in a picture book format. What struck me about the ten contemporary figures is that some are relatively well known while others are not. I hope that another book of contemporaries could be put together in the future – I recommend it to you as a great resource!

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  1. This is such a good idea! Kids needs to be educated on their faith. Having a book that tell the stories and struggles of Biblical and contemporary figures is good. It sets a great example for kids to follow, and it shows students that if these people can have great complishments, I can do it too.

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