Distinctively Christian – 5 C’s Model for Curriculum and Instruction

Is there a conceptual model that we can use as a guiding vision for developing distinctively Christian education? In other words what should our areas of focus be as we work with teachers, develop curriculum, carry out instruction, and work with students and parents? I have developed a model that you may find helpful as you consider how to strengthen and develop your own work in these areas. Briefly I will list the 5 C’s below with accompanying questions and explanations. This conceptual model can be found under the Curriculum folder in the Member Community Center – see HCS Vision for Curriculum and Instruction.

Essential Question for all Christian schools:

How will we deliver a quality,
distinctively Christian education
that is continuously improving?

I think we need to consider these 5 C’s:

CHRISTIAN (How will we help students know and live for Christ?)
• Curriculum – Integration of faith and learning
• Classroom – Faith Enhancing Practices
• Community

CLARITY (What do we want students to know and be able to do?)
• Curriculum maps
• Essential understandings – Reformed Perspective integrated into essential questions
• Common assessments

CONSISTENCY (How do we deliver a consistent instructional program across K-12?)

• Common assessments
• Data collection

COLLABORATION (How do we improve what we do by working together?)
• Working together around data to improve student achievement
• Seeking to improve teaching practices and identify effective resources

CONSTITUENTS (How can we best meet the needs of our students and parents?)
• Meeting the needs of students – differentiation
• Providing engaging and meaningful work
• Flexible structure of school, schedule, instructional delivery options
• Providing value – competence, love of Jesus Christ

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One response to “Distinctively Christian – 5 C’s Model for Curriculum and Instruction

  1. Arda Rooks

    These five C’s look wonderful, but they point out what might be my biggest frustration in being an effective Christian teacher. I don’t feel that our present model of schooling provides “a flexible structure of school, schedule, and instruction delivery options” (as noted under the heading “Constituents.” Anyone else out there feel that way?

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