In case you missed it – new and recent MCC items

Discussion forum

  • Responses to Bruce Hekman’s financial sustainability question by Jason Zylstra, Dave Koetje, and Jennifer Richmond
  • A question from Mike Hendrikse from Whitinsville, MA on graduated, ability to pay tuition plans and a response by Jim De Young from Calvin Christian, MN
  • A question about Bible Memory programs and a request for samples
  • A question from George Guichelaar from South Christian, MI about wording and policies on church membership requirements for teachers, coaches, board members, and parents
  • Information about how to get technology plans approved
  • A question from Jim DeKorne about best books on Reformed perspective in education

Resources area


Philosophy, Mission, and Goals folder

Athletics folder

Governance in the Christian School


Bible Memory Program Samples folder

Faith Integrated Learning, Essential Understandings/Questions


Staff Development folder

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