A tool for serious consideration

It was about a year ago that I stumbled across the Spiritual Transformation Inventory. It was listed on the CCCU website as a tool for assisting colleges with the answer to the question, “Is the work we are doing to encourage faith development in our students making any difference?” Admittedly skeptical but very intrigued I pursued the matter further with the author of the instrument, Dr. Todd Hall of BIOLA University. I worried at first that this was just one more “worldview test” that carried a strong political bias, but discovered that worry was unfounded. I asked Todd if he had a high school version of the instrument and then, to make a long story shorter, proceeded to discuss this with our high school Bible department. We decided to pilot the instrument and did so this past fall with our seniors. The STI is really a self-assessment tool that focuses on the relational aspects of their connection to their faith.

What I like best about the instrument is two-fold. First it helps the student reflect on not only the head side, but also the heart and hands side of their relationship to Jesus Christ. Todd has put together a very helpful “Furnishing the Soul Pack” follow-up that discusses various areas of discipleship and is challenging on a personal level. The individual student report can be very helpful as a guide to the student and as they choose to share it with parents or teachers. Second, as an administrator I get a summary report back that indicates areas of strengths and needs with the students. This gives me some helpful data to share with my staff so that they can be aware of helping the student body as a whole by focusing their energies in their teaching, chapels, and interactions with students. In summary I think this is a tool that merits serious consideration for our work.

While I do not intend to use this blog for advancing commercial ventures, I do want to share resources that you may not be aware of and that may be helpful to meeting our missions to nurture faith in youth. I have found Todd to be someone who has a great heart for Christian education and is genuinely trying to help answer the kinds of questions we wrestle with – are we making a difference with kids and how can we be more intentional in these efforts. If you are interested in learning more about this instrument you can click here or on the graphic above. If you have additional questions, you can also drop me an email. I encourage you to check it out.


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2 responses to “A tool for serious consideration

  1. Just last week I led a final high school focus group discussion about the health of our school. We discussed school spirit, total school atmosphere, social interaction, level of spirituality, and academics. We listed all the strengths and weaknesses of each area. My last question was about how to usher in changes at NMCS. The students said that change would have to come through spiritual growth. Wasn’t that insightful for teens? A week prior to this discussion I came across the blog post on Furnishing the Soul. I had shared the blog information with our Bible teacher and we are looking into using it.We’d like to administer the test in May to our current 8th -11th graders, get the results during the summer and then plan for chapels and mentor time accordingly.

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