Seeing on multiple levels

What are we seeing?

Are we seeing what we think we are seeing? Click here.

Are we seeing the image of God in each person before us?


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7 responses to “Seeing on multiple levels

  1. Larissa Post

    I think this concept is important to remember as Christian teachers. Each of our students are a creation of God and made in His image. Even the most troubling child is still a child of God. Therefore, we need to treat our students with respect. This applies to more than just students. Parents and fellow staff members are included in this as well. Therefore, respect is something that everyone deserves. We just need to look deeper to see how God’s image is present in their life. Seeing God in other people will help us treat them as they deserve.

  2. Anna Poll

    Many times it is easy for us to look at nature and see that as God’s beautiful creation,which it is, but we often fail to remember that we are all God’s creation. We are all beautiful because we were made by Him. We are more valuable to Him then the flowers or the birds. This is important for all teachers, whether in a public or a Christian school to remember. We need to treat each child as precious because they are. God values them just as much as He values us. We need to recognize the potential and beauty in each student and to nurture it.

  3. Emily van den Brink

    I especially like this picture and how it plays with your mind and stands as a reminder that God put us on this earth as a part of nature, to take care of His creation, not destroy it.
    Also, take time to watch the video on the link under the picture. I have seen this video before and it still shocks me. It makes me wonder how did society get this idea of what beauty is and the ideal woman? How do these standards of beauty affect women, especially young women? As a Christian, I want to remind people, especially young women, to treat their bodies as temples for God and then you will feel beautiful in the best way possible.

  4. Jason Kindler

    The Dove video was very interesting to me. Nobody thinks about (or maybe they don’t even know about) the distortion involved with creating an advertisement. I knew before watching this video that photos of models were retouched to cover skin blemishes etc., but I actually had no idea that they significantly altered the neck, eyes, and shape of the model’s head. It is so unfortunate that our culture has come to this. So many girls look at those kinds of billboards with envy, wishing they could be that beautiful, but what they don’t realize is that no amount of makeup or hair products could make them look that way because a computer is what really created the “perfection.” I truly believe that these kinds of ads play a major role in the tendency for girls to have low self-esteems, and it’s all in the name of making money off of their desire to look impossibly beautiful. It is crucial to encourage young students to view themselves the way God views them. God made us all just the way he wanted us to be, flaws and all.

  5. Jana Boss

    I really liked what this blog has to show. So many teenagers get down on themselves for not looking perfect and not having the ideal body and look. A lot of our students will be dealing with these issues and we need to remind them that we are all God’s children and he made us beautiful. Technology does a lot and changes a lot. We need to focus on the inside and make that beautitul too.

  6. Sarah Gindville

    I think this issue of beauty in our society is huge in our girls. God created us all in his image, each and everyone as beautiful as the next in his eyes, but as a socitey we have brought this issue of beauty to the forefront. Girls are reading magazines looking at the flawless models in the fake sense of reality making them want perfection for themselves. Students are prone to this going into schools with looking thier best, not only for the opposite sex, but to try to better than the next. We need to make sure that we show appreciation for each student individually to make them feel special in who they are not how they look. A lot of the working world looks at looks, yes, but it is not why you get hired. Your talents and personality are what get people hooked for more than the present moment and I believe that this is something we need to try to reiterate to the youth of our nation. God created us equal. Beauty should not put one above the other.

  7. Maddy Manden

    Children today are taught to look at nature and think it is beautiful because it is created by God. Parents and teachers alike do a great job of expressing this and the students really understand. What is forgotten is the fact the nature is not just trees and flowers outside but also human beings. Humans are made in God’s image, therefore we are all beautiful. As a teacher whether in a public or Christian school, one must show the class how important and beautiful each child is. Show the class that everyone is beautiful just as nature is beautiful. A teacher should also try to find the beauty in every child for God created them so they are good.

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