Please help shape our working draft of “A Covenetwork Manifesto!” – Part 2

Last time around I posted an introduction and a request for comments on the document we will be using at our CSI summer convention for discussion around student faith nurture – see fourth post of April 9.

This time around I would like to ask your comments on the “Therefore” statements:

  • We commit to working together around the faith nurture of our youth in order to maximize effectiveness and to avoid duplication and contention,
  • We commit to investing significant time, attention, and resources toward the faith formation of youth,
  • We hold that the importance of the kingdom on an individual and corporate level outweighs concerns of individual sovereignty of home, school, and church,
  • We will seek to explore best ways to communicate, collaborate, or co-plan,
  • We will explore best ways to work with parents,
  • We will encourage regular religious practices in our youth so that faith may be demonstrated and deepened,
  • We will commit to: knowing our youth at an individual level, knowing them a developmental level, and understanding their changing cultural context.
  • We will seek the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit for direction and guidance as we seek to nurture faith development in our youth.

I invite you to make suggestions to add or delete to this list above. What should we commit to as schools and churches that seek to encourage faith in our youth?

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