Recent Member Community Center forum questions

• Curriculum mapping software – what program are you using to do this?
• Student non-academic guidelines for awards – does anyone have a sample set of guidelines they would be willing to share?
• Worship – how do other schools handle chapel planning? Is this a paid staff position or student led? Teachers given released time?
• Career and calling – who has done recent work in this area? What resources are available and helpful?

Please take a moment to share with your colleagues in regards to one or more of these questions. CSI members can access the Member Community Center by clicking here. Thanks – we are all lifted up and get stronger when we share our ideas and resources!

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  1. Elizabeth

    I was just hired at a large Christian school in the greater Seattle area. Weekly chapels are taught by 3 different groups there. The first is the Administrator (who is also a pastor). Secondly many guest speakers (or senior pastor of the supporting church) are asked to come in and speak. The rest of chapels are done by classroom teachers. Each class is responsible for putting on a chapel. The music teacher leads the singing each week. Classroom teachers have done activities such as reader’s theater, plays, puppet shows, or gotten a guest speaker themselves.
    I hope this helps!

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