What a privilege!

As we get ready to close out the school year we look back in gratitude at the lives that we have had the privilege to intersect with over the course of the year. I was reminded of this again recently when I was eating lunch at a Chinese buffet. I was on my second plate and standing around the fruit section when I got involved in a ‘chance’ conversation with a gentleman from Korea. As it turned out, we shared more than one mutual connection. I ended up joining him at his table for the remainder of our lunch. He shared with me his life story of how at the age of 15 he had been so impacted by his teacher in a public school who read the Bible to a group of students over their lunch period. Although his conversion to Christianity resulted in years of persecution from his family, God has now led him to complete seminary and to study for a year in England before he will return home to Korea to be an evangelist. We marveled over the impact that one person – one teacher – can have on a life! We marveled over how his father and family over the years came to the Lord and how God is now directing his life. We wondered how our paths might cross again – but we agreed that for sure we will be seeing each other in heaven. We ended our time with a hug and blessings on each other’s work – after having just met! Certainly one of the more remarkable lunches I have had in a while. I am eager to see how this ‘chance’ meeting is part of God’s larger design. I don’t believe any of the interactions you have had this year are ‘chance’ as you have worked with students and parents – contemplate now and be ready to see in the future perhaps how you have been part of God’s plan!

This is the final post for the Nurturing Faith blog this school year – we will begin again in August with a new school year. I am hoping that you all have a wonderful wrap-up of the school year and a refreshing summer. If you haven’t registered for the summer CSI convention let me give you one last encouragement. Most importantly we will be talking a lot about nurturing the faith of our youth at school and church. If you are a Christian school administrator reading this, please invite a pastor or youth worker to the convention. I think it is going to be a great experience in every way – location, lodging, natural beauty, pre-conference sectionals, guest speakers, working on the Covenetwork Manifesto together, greeting old and new friends, and cool, great sleeping, Michigan nights! Hope to see you there.

Thanks for reading!


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4 responses to “What a privilege!

  1. Al Kosters

    I read somewhere an observation which comes to mind often and has impacted me each time. “Our lives all intersect with the lives of others. Some intersections are short; some are much longer. The length of the intersection isn’t nearly as important as the quality and impact of the intersection.”

    Blessings to all.

    Al Kosters
    San Jose Christian School

  2. I think that as Christians, it is important for us to remember that it is good to make conversation and connections with people, because you never know where a little word could take you! My pastor made a point the other day that “if you watch American Idol, it’s okay…because if it leads you to a conversation with someone in the grocery store, you never know how it could be just what they need or where the conversation might lead.” It has also become evident to me lately how watchful and critical people of different religions can be towards Christians. Although I realize that I am not perfect, and none of us are, I do want to strive to become more like Christ and desire people to see that difference in me. It is exciting to think about that our normal aquantences as well as day-to-day strangers may all be united together someday…all under the circumstance of serving our Lord and Savior forever! We can praise God for blessing us daily with people He puts into contact for us. This story was a neat reminder of that.

  3. After reading this article it kind of reinforces the idea that teachers really do have a large impact on children’s lives. Teachers are the ones that introduce you to new ideas and ways of thinking. It may have taken this man years to discover or convert to Christianity. The public school teacher left an impression on him that lead to changing his life path. He found a passion for something that his own family was against. This one teacher has had a great positive impact I am sure this man is not the only one. I hope that through teaching I will be able to entice a child’s interest and help them to grow into successful adults.

  4. Laura Karr

    This is a great story! One of my goals in life is to start a ripple effect like the teacher in the story did. Teachers have huge impact on their students, and how awesome would it be in the name of Jesus? One voice can change the world, because the voice echoes on to become a crowd, or nation, or country. Teachers like that are the beginning of faith and deeds.

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