Covenetwork Manifesto part 2 – using the Manifesto

Last time I posted the final draft of the Covenetwork Manifesto –  a document stating what we believe about nurturing the faith of our youth. So, now what can be done with the document? Some have wondered about using it in a school setting to stimulate conversation. Perhaps this could be accomplished by inviting pastors and youth workers to a breakfast or lunch (everybody likes a free lunch!) and beginning a dialogue about working and planning together around the faith nurture of the youth you commonly share.

Possible action steps at a church/school meeting:

1. Determine the level of agreement with the content of the Manifesto.

2. Commit to a level of partnership:

  • Communicating – keeping each other informed of your work with students
  • Collaborating – working on a project or two over the course of the year
  • Co – planning – working together closely on a number of projects or initiatives

3. Determine which of these five areas needs the most emphasis at your local level: 

  • Differentiating – How can we attend to spiritual needs of youth at each stage of their development?
  • Describing – How has God gifted this individual? How can we help them identify their gifts? How can we encourage them to develop their gifts? What fruits do we see emerging? How can we help this individual understand their spiritual pathways?
  • Discerning – Helping students with worldview development, cultural “maladjustment”, lifestyle choices, and seeing good and evil in social/institutional structures
  • Developing – How can we help connect head, heart, and hands? How can we help disciple this individual so that they move beyond personal salvation to Lordship issues? How can students articulate faith? How can we help them with cross-cultural and cross faith connections?

4. Sign an agreement to “covenetwork” together between school and church.

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