Let’s keep our focus on what is essential

It was my pleasure to work with groups at OCSTA and Heartland on the matter of developing Essential Questions and hearing how creative teachers are using them to engage students deeply. As knowledge continues to compound at incredible rates (does anyone disagree?) and as access to information that formerly needed to be memorized decreases, we find ourselves needing to re-consider what is most important to address with students in our limited school schedules. Are we spending enough time deleting from our curriculums? Are we considering how we might combine multiple key concepts through work done with other teachers from other disciplines? While it is true that we are preparing students for a future that we are not sure of, we probably have more student needs identified than most educators out there – simply because we recognize that we are privileged to deal with the issues of the heart as Christian educators. We know that, in terms of the issues of the heart, our students will need a strong Biblical foundation, a well-developed worldview, strong apologetics, a heart for justice, and a passion for Christ’s kingdom regardless of their vocational choice. Let’s continue to challenge each other’s thinking about what is really most important for our students to spend their time on in our schools.

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One response to “Let’s keep our focus on what is essential

  1. Dan is right in noting that we cannot cover everything. In Christian schools, we need to further develop the “essential” curriculum, what Marzano calls the guaranteed curriculum. Part of the “essential” curriculum needs to be students proficiently applying a Biblical perspective, students thinking with mind of Christ.

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