A powerful tool for engaging students with the Bible

I recently came across YouVersion.com and realized it was a totally new tool unlike anything I had seen before. I believe it has great potential for engaging our online kids in Bible study and also provides a way for our kids to share their faith with others.

The site claims in an intro message I received after signing up: “Whether you’ve been studying the Bible for years or are simply curious about its claims, YouVersion will allow you to read, share, ask questions, and learn from others in an exciting and interactive new way.”

It has four features (info in italics taken from the YouVersion site):

Easily find a passage in one of many translations. Search by reference or use the Table of Contents to locate a specific scripture.

Share what God’s Spirit is showing you, and read how He is moving in the lives of others. Contribute images, video, text or links to passages, or email something meaningful to a friend.

You can journal about what you’re reading, as you’re reading it. And even better, what you write is linked directly to what you are reading so you can easily reference back to those special passages.

Mark references with tags that make sense to you, and find what you want, when you want. It’s like your own personal concordance. Or you can star anything you’d like to remember.

Here is an informational video and an explanation of how to use the site. (You may need to wait a minute while video loads.)

What is compelling is linking both personal thoughts and visual/text web resources that each have found helpful around certain passages of Scripture. See the video above for a good example of what I mean. I think this could be a great tool for personal use or to encourage students to use. Think of the possibilities for student engagement with the Bible!

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