It just can’t happen in public schools!

In a recent New York Times article, two Jewish families sued to have prayers to Jesus stopped in the public school setting. Strange as it may sound, I am in sympathy with these Jewish families—if my family were in a setting in which Christian education was not available and my kids were in a public school, I would not want them to participate in prayers to other gods.

This situation points out the legal limitations of the public school in regard to issues of nurturing students’ faith in God as revealed through Jesus Christ. As a former teacher and administrator in public schools I felt that to be obedient to my employer and the laws of the land, I could not pray publicly or engage students with my personal faith. Over time, however, I found this limitation personally untenable, and my frustration grew because of not being able to proclaim God as sovereign, to point to him as creator, and to point to the Bible as the source of truth and the basis for values. To constantly hit the mute button instead of naturally expressing my faith in the classroom was not something I could handle. How can a believing teacher not connect learning about the wonders of creation with its Source? How can one not shout about the mighty acts of God in creation and in redeeming my life and others? How can I not speak when I have such a great story to share?

Many parents have convinced themselves that as long as their child is with a Christian teacher in a public school, things will be fine. This is true only to a degree. As passionate as I was about my faith, I felt conflicted by my desire to not violate the separation of church and state in my public school settings. So therefore I did not, and could not, take advantage of those teachable moments with students and the opportunities to connect key ideas together, which I was free to do in a Christian school setting. I knew and accepted the circumstances that I was hired under, and as time went by I grew more and more uncomfortable because I felt like I had made a choice that forced me to deny my desire to be what I am—a witness of Jesus Christ.

So in view of the contrast between the frustrations of being a Christian teacher in a restrictive educational setting and then later being able to teach freely in a Christian school, here are a dozen reasons why I appreciate Christian education:

  1. Teaching students the joy and pleasure to be found in glorifying God by knowing him and enjoying him both now and forever.
  2. Showing the sovereignty of God over all things, understanding creation, man, and God in proper relationship—that there is no division between sacred and secular and seeing that all things belong to God.
  3. Helping kids understand how all things were created and broken but are now being redeemed and restored through Jesus Christ.
  4. Asking truly essential questions, discussing the difficult questions of life—no holds barred, no areas off limit, being able to relate it to the Source of Truth.
  5. Offering a holistic educational experience—no divorcing of body and soul, mind and spirit.
  6. Helping students understand that our desire for excellence in thought and behavior is motivated by a desire to please God, not just by economic or citizenship reasons.
  7. Applying a foundational knowledge of the Bible and faith practices together across all disciplines and aspects of life.
  8. Modeling faith for kids and working together with others who strive to do the same.
  9. Helping students see all of life as worship—and vocation as calling to serve God with excellence.
  10. Articulating a God-centered perspective on success versus human striving for excellence and a me-centered purpose for fulfillment in life.
  11. Examining all learning from multiple angles in the light of God’s Word versus only politically correct angles.
  12. Teaching students to memorize and engraft God’s Word into their hearts and lives.


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25 responses to “It just can’t happen in public schools!

  1. Thanks for the post. Love the reasons. I whole-heartedly agree.

  2. Lauren Gattuso

    Francis of Assisi has a great quote that says,”Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” I believe that we can spread the gospel even though you are in a public school. It CAN happen. God has called me to teach in a Special Needs classroom at a public school and if he has called me there he will find a way for me to spread his gospel . . . using words or not. Sometimes as teachers we get caught up on limits and what you can and cannot do, but God is limitless HE can do anything through us. We are facing people, sinners, with God on our side, if he wants something to happen it will get done. As it says in the Lord’s prayer, “Let MY will be done.” If it is God’s will (which it most likely is) for you to spread the gospel into a public school then it is going to happen. If God can tell the ocean it can only go so far, he can speak through us and help us spread his gospel. “I can do all things through him who gives me strength.” We don’t always have to do things the way that is the “norm” for us, sometimes as teachers, to get children to learn things we have to think outside of the box. Well, maybe God is trying to teach us to think outside of the box and let him show us how to handle certain situations and let him teach us the way he wants us to spread the gospel in a difficult setting. In conclusion maybe God is telling us teachers to hit our “mute button” and let our actions show who Christ is. To think that we are supposed to convert people to Christ is the wrong thing to think, you are not God and God’s timing is different than ours. Sometimes are calling may just be to plant the seed and then let God do the watering and nurturing and he may put other people or other situations in that persons life to eventually bring that person to Christ. To burden ourselves with such a big responsibility as having to bring someone to Christ when we meet them and feel like we have a time limit to bring them to Christ is hindering to our faith because eventually we may start believeing that we are “higher up” than someone who isn’t a christian and we may also start believeing that we control time and that we control God’s plans for someone else’s life.

  3. Melissa Joy Voss

    There is something truly special and very unique about being able to teach in a Christian school. All of the 12 reasons that were listed were great reasons to be a teacher in a private/christian school setting. But, I disagree with the article in the sense that it is not possible to proclaim the Gospel in a public school setting. I believe wholeheartedly that God is not limited to a Christian Education. He is EVERYWHERE and in ALL things. God is not conformed to a little box and in His time He make all things work out. I strongly believe that it is vitally important for public schools to have strong Christian men and women teachers as the role models for the next generation. Although there are many limitations and restrictions on what is and is not accepted concerning faith in the public school, it is still very possible for Christians to be a shining light in such a dark world. I also believe that you can demonstrate your Christianity in ways other than words. It can be done in how you treat your students as individuals. The grading system that you use. Are you an encourager? Do you show love and grace? Christianity is not all about saying that you believe but it is also about showing what you believe. I think that a public school setting would be hard to teach in but it would be a wonderful challenge. Besides, God tells us that our walk isn’t always going to easy and we are going to face challenges of all kinds but He will provide us with the strength to get through each circumstance. Trust him and pray!!

  4. Bolaji Adeoti

    I have heard so many stories about the conflict between Christianity in public schools. This shows how our society have taken God for granted. I came from a public school setting and to be honest through out my four years I rarely see any teacher lead a prayer or even talk about God their creator. It’s very sad because half of the people that go to the school had to be Christians and seen that any kind of proclamation of God is unacceptable is very disappointing. They only time I saw the school pray was during September 11 incident, public schools only know about God when bad things happen to the country or their school. I totally agree with the article because I get angry every time I see different rules about not mentioning God’s name in the school or no prayer in a public school setting. Being in a Christian school is totally a new worldview because not only do I enjoy learning in Godly ways but also the atmosphere is very different. You tends to meet Godly and friendly people and just feel save in my environment. I am not saying that we need to turn the public school to a Christian school, if we can that would be great but the point is that restricting anything about God in the schools are disappointing. There are too many people in a public school and I am very sure that there are people that are not saved yet and just restricting God in the school will make everything worse. We wonder sometimes why bad things happens to our sometimes because our country is not full of prayer. We need to set our students and even teachers to proclaim God everywhere we go so that Satan wouldn’t have any room to breathe. We say “God Bless America” we can use that as a start to including God in our schools.

  5. Jessica Kamp

    Teaching in a Public School will always be a challenge for Christians; we are told in the Bible to share our faith with everyone. However, Public Schools make this almost impossible with all the rules and regulations that are now in place for teachers. The only thing you can do at a Public School while teaching is lead by example. As teachers we may not be able be able to openly talk about our love for Jesus Christ, but we are able to show through our actions that we are set a part. Teaching at a Christian School is awesome because you are able to talk about God openly; however, you are staying in your comfort zone. For some people teaching at a Public School is going out into the unknown and making a difference. I recently heard someone give a speech on how they went to a Public School and that the 3 teachers that made the biggest impact in his life were the ones that were Christians. I believe that is amazing. The twelve reasons talked about on why Christian Education is so appreciated are true. I agree with all of them, but I also think that Christian Teachers need to be able to step out of their comfort zone sometimes and try to make a difference in the Public Schools.

  6. Joseph Slawinski

    I personally, believe whole-heartedly that God can make his message known to anyone at anytime. I also, unfortunately, have to agree partially with what the author is saying. It is very very hard for us as teachers to proclaim God’s word in a public setting. I have often, myself, wrestled with the thought of whether or not I will teach in a Christian school setting. I keep coming back to the thought of how it might feel to want to proclaim God’s word, but being bound by law, not to. Then I come to another idea. If I were to teach in a Christian school, I would be able to preach the Gospel all I want. However, not to belittle the need to teach the gospel in a Christian school, most kids in that setting have already heard the Word. And many may have already accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I believe that it may be possible that it is our responsibility as Christian teachers, to teach in a public school setting and set an example for our students. If not for the Christian faith, for the Christian way of doing things. All we can do is plant the seed. It is up to God and that person to make it grow.

  7. Kristina O'Connor

    It is true, a fine line has been made to separate school and church. I attended a public school my entire life and i don’t think that even once I heard a teacher refer to God besides in the Pledge of Allegiance. When students brought up any issue dealing with religion it was blatantly obvious that the teacher was trying to avoid the subject. As Christians, we are called to spread the word of the Lord; by not responding to these students’ questions or feeling nervous of what will happen if we do speak our Savior’s name, we are turning our backs on God. Maybe people should be more nervous about what God is going to think of us if we are too afraid to share his word, then what the administration will think if we do. I truly do understand that it is a tough spot to be put in being a Christian teacher who would love to refer to the Lord any chance he/she gets, yet being restricted by the fact that he/she may be fired. It’s almost impossible to survive these days without a job (unless we are lucky enough to win the lotto) and sometimes biting our tongues seems to be the only way to hang on to the career we worked for. If we can’t speak God’s words in class, then show his way by example. Teach your student’s the ways of the Lord through your daily actions. This will show that God is everywhere, including public schools; whether the administration likes it or not.

  8. Errika Comerouski

    The elimination of God out of schools is not necessarily a brand new concept, but it is definitely a scary one. The public schools are educating and raising the next generation that will make up our nation. The most important time for a person to learn is when they are young, for when they are older they are not going to easily change their ways. Previously the family was where children would learn morals and ethics, but I feel that this is not the case as much as it used to be. The schools are where children are learning their way of thinking that will affect their actions, and thus the future of our country. The fact that mention of God is not permitted whatsoever in the schools is a big detriment to society. For a teacher to be a Christian and work in this setting must be very difficult. As the author said, it is hard to be a witness for Jesus Christ. This would be very frustrating, but I also think that it is essential to integrate Christian teachers into the public school setting. As I mentioned earlier, the public schools are raising the next generation of our country. If all the teachers are not God-fearing then it put the students and society in an even worse position. Even if a teacher is not going to speak of God in the classroom, it is a good start for the role model of so many students to be one that displays Christian virtues through their actions.

  9. Andrea Macejkovic

    I feel that Christian schools are truly a blessing for students and teachers alike. However, I also believe that there is a call for Christian teachers in public schools as well. In the Bible, Jesus used the comparison that a doctor does not come for the healthy but the sick, and in the same way Jesus came for the lost. While there are both Christians and those who aren’t in Christian and in public schools, I really believe that Christian teachers should also go into public schools. It is a community that needs Christ, and it won’t always be easy. Everyone has a different calling, and I think that if someone is called to teach in either a Christian or a public school, he or she should not shy away from that. God has a calling for all of us, and we need to learn to follow that.

  10. Emily Van Drunen

    At the beginning of this article, I could definitely see how the man could get easily frustrated being not able to proclaim God as the Soverign God. As a christian, I would find it hard if I wasn’t able to talk and teach about God in my classroom. I think that there shouldn’t be anyone, no matter if they are a student or teacher, that should be denied their rights to believing in Christ and in the Word of God. Having Christianity brought into the classroom would be a strong desire for me. I believe that all of the twelve reasons for appreciating Christian education are well thought out and great reasons that a teacher should really look and think over. As a Christian, I believe that if a teacher would really like to have Christianity brought into their classroom that he/she could make it possible. If a teacher is not able to talk about Christianity into his/her classroom, I believe that they can show Christianity through their actions towards their students and peers. I believe with what Melissa Voss said about strongly believing in having Christian men and women brought into our Christian schools. It is a great thing to get Christian teachers in public school’s so that we can start teaching students about God as our creator.

  11. Andrea Horbrook

    When asked about Christianity in public school systems at anytime, would be highly controversial. I agree with this article on how working in a Christian school setting is a lot more relaxed and comforting for the believing teacher as well as for the student and their parents. But I have to take the approach that Melissa Joy Voss takes and how she says “I disagree with the article in the sense that it is not possible to proclaim the Gospel in a public school setting.” In Luke 14:23 says” And the Lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” In this sense it’s great to teach in Christian setting but you just can’t limit yourself to that setting because you may not want to encounter conflict. I believe that if God has called you into the ministry of teaching no matter what location you are put into teach God will make away for you to share your faith in some way. My pastor always told me if God put you in it he’ll see you through it. You shouldn’t limit yourself to a “Box” of just teaching in a Christian setting. I feel that it limits you and Gods ability to work in and use you to touch the hearts of those who may not know Christ. In conclusion I would like to end with one of my favorite bible verses Jeremiah 29:11 and is says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” What this means in this context is God knows his plans for you and your future career. God will not harm you in whatever place he decides to put you in to teach.Whether it’s a Christian or public school, God will make away for his word to touch the hearts of others.

  12. Rachel VandeKamp

    I can not agree more that teaching in a Christian school setting is such a privellege that sometimes we often don’t even realize and we take it for granted. I am looking forward to hopefully teaching in a private school setting and being able to apply the dozen reasons why it should be appreciated to my classroom. I believe the one that gets me the most every time is that all of life- work, play, rest, etc.- should be devoted to honoring God and serving him with excellence and this should be our desire in life, not just a forced practice! I do disagree though when it is stated that it is not possible to praise God in a public school setting. I believe that by our mere actions alone, we can be fishers of man. Maybe we aren’t allowed to voice our faith to the students in that setting, but how we treat them as students, other teachers, and others around us speaks multitudes in itself. The best witness we can be involves all areas of life and actions do speak just as loud as words sometimes in this aspect. All in all, I believe this was a very thought provoaking and well written article. It definately made me stop and think of what an honor it will be to hopefully teach in a Christian school setting someday. Faith in Jesus Christ is not to be something taken lightly, but rather be proclaimed with joy and celebration!

  13. Danielle Barnes

    I attended a Christian school my entire life, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it was an enormous blessing. I admired my teachers for the way they lived their faith, and I always wanted to be like them. If I had gone to a public school, I would not have been surrounded by as many good role models on a day to day basis. My teachers had a huge impact on who I have become spiritually and mentally. Now that I am studying to be a teacher, that is constantly on my mind, and I have been thinking alot about where I will teach. I have decided that I will just have to be willing to go where ever God leads. Though I admired my Christian school teachers, I believe that Christian teachers in a public setting can be role models for the students as well, and that is equally important because the students there don’t have the luxury of so many Christian role models to look up to. I have had this discussion many times because my husband attended a public school his whole life, and found it to be a blessing, just as I found Christian education a blessing. Through our discussions, we basically came to the conclusion that God can use teachers in both settings to bless students equally. Both public and christian education are blessings from the God who created us.

  14. Natalia Wegrzyniak

    Reading through this article and these comments, my opinion seems to differ greatly. There are many educators who may want to proclaim about their faith despite being in a public school, but I don’t see it as being appropriate for the setting. Parents send their children to public schools so religion won’t be an issue unless it was in historical or literary means. If parents want to send their children to a Christian school, but simply cannot afford it there are other options. I went to public schooling K-12 and from 1st grade through 8th grade I attended CCD classes to learn about Catholicism. I liked this idea because I knew that a lot of the other kids in my class were not Catholic, or any religion for that matter. I found these Saturday morning classes as a privilege to learn about something others may not believe. I knew that my religion was important because my parents and grandma were always teaching me about it and taking me to church. I did not need to be at a Catholic school to be taught the greatness of God because I had other sources to learn from. If in a public school a Christian teacher wants to spread the good news, they can do so by being an example of a good Christian. By being an example of a good Christian a teacher can express morals and lessons from the Bible that the students can learn from without the attachment of religious labels.

  15. Laura Roose

    Often times it is hard to contain the joy you recieve from the Lord; you just want to share it so everyone can see what He is doing in this world. However, in a public school you will not be able to share His message, but you can share his actions with everyone. Many people feel limited in what they can say and how they can act when they are teaching in a public school. Yes, we should be careful of what we say, but we should still act as beacons of Christ’s light. If we are good examples of what Christ is doing in us by our actions, many people will be able to see that something about us is different. I am open to teaching in any setting although currently I would prefer teaching in a public school. After attending both private and public schools I feel that I could make a greater influence or impact in a public schools. The students in a public school need a Christian role model as well as the students in a private school. I feel that I could be a compassionate teacher and show the love of God to my children in a public school.

  16. Julie Deivne

    I find that the person who wrote this article is best suited for a Christian School setting obviously, and they have those opportunities to find their calling. I think that public school is absolutely right in the fact that church and state should not collide. I went to public school and too, attended CCD on the weekends. I feel that is the best point about public school. You are there to learn about the absolute truths and facts about everything, religion brings in concepts that not everyone can agree on, so they might as well be kept out of the classroom. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions, but I feel like the classroom is a place where students go to study different things, as in history many different religions will come up. I think that public schools can open up a students mind to figure what is best for them, and what suits their character. Being force fed religion is not the way to do it, it needs to be found within. It needs to be something they really believe in, and if its not, they will lose interest. We do not want our students to lose interest in subjects because religious connotations are built into their lectures. I do not plan to teach in a private school, no matter where you go there are good and bad aspects of public versus private. But I feel that kids are given the right to go to school, it should be about learning and not overcast by religion. If a student really feels uncomfortable going to public school, that is something they need to take up with their family and decide where they fit best. It is a great country we live in, where we have options and solutions, whereas many countries do not have those types of opportunities.

  17. Devan McCammack

    I don’t know that I agree with the author completely. Both of my parents are teachers in a Christian school and more often than not they do get to share the gospel out-right. However, they are not able to share it constantly because it is still a school and they have a responsibility to educate the students. On the other hand public school teachers can not share anything about the Almighty God unless a student initiates the conversation. To me I think that when a student takes the initiative to ask about spiritual things you have a better chance of getting to the heart of what really matters, because the student is the one interested. In the Christian school setting, from what I have seen personally, when spiritual things are addressed it is in Bible class or the Bible is used as a disciplinary tool. As a result of that the kids see God and the Bible as something negative and mean, and they want nothing to do with that. Christians are obligated to be ambassadors of Christ whether it be in a Christian school setting or in a public school setting. We are called to not only proclaim the gospel, but to live the gospel and when we are doing our responsibility of living it out the next step is to trust that God will work in the hearts of students. God is sovereign and we have to trust that He knows what is best for you and me as well as a student whether it be public or private school the Lord will work out His sovereign will.

  18. Luke Surdel

    I came out of the public school system myself, so I would not be able to say how wonderful it would be to be able to teach about Jesus in the classroom, from any first hand experience. Though I think as an educator being able to speak freely about our creator would be a blessing without end, educators of the Christian faith still are needed in the public schools to help those children who would normally not be able to find Jesus find him. There are ways around the separation of church and state rules and I have had a couple of teachers able to talk about their Christian faith in class without any repercussions. Its all about how the teacher goes about it, our teacher would often time talk about the weekends on Monday and he would plug that he went to church. Also depending on the subject matter it is always possible to try to include some of the bible into the teachings. I had a history teacher tell our class that the bible is a great source for people who are curious about history because it is so historically accurate. And I also had an English teacher who when we were learning about ancient “myths and mythologies” put in a huge section on the Old Testament and was sure to inform the class that he believed what was written in the Old Testament and even gave a test on it. So though I would love to be able to pray out loud in class or to tell my students the wonders and glories of Jesus in a private school setting I feel called to teach in the public school setting so that I can spread the word of Jesus in a way that doesn’t violate the law and is still meaningful to my students spiritual life.

  19. Brie Assink

    I agree with Laura and Melissa as they both mentioned that public school teachers can still have a Christian impact on their students through their actions and by being a good role model. I think it is extremely important for public schools to have teachers who are Christians so kids can have those good role models in their lives. Even if their teacher isn’t able to mention God, their students will most likely be able to tell the difference through the way their Christians teachers act. However, I also understand that it would be difficult for Christian teachers in public schools because they definitely are limited in the ways they are able to present their faith. I was able to grow up in a Christian school and appreciated it so much. My teachers were able to share God with me in a way that would not be allowed in a public school. I believe my Christian education has helped me grow stronger in my Christian faith, and I hope to be able to send my children to Christians schools someday because I can see the benefits Christian schools have over public schools.

  20. Kathy Hossink

    I was blessed to grow up in a Christian school, but that means that I unfortunately often took for granted being able to openly talk about God. I think that God calls some people to teach in Private schools but others to teach in public schools. I don’t think that those who are called to teach in public schools should view the laws and limitations on religion as a negative thing. I believe that in order to respect all people’s rights, those regulations need to be in place. While that is true, being a witness is still possible in a public school. Talking about God or praying in school is by no means the only way of proclaiming an almighty and loving God. It is very true that actions speak louder than words and in many cases I believe that simply being a good example will have more of an affect on students then talking about God. Students will respond better to a teacher who shows his or her love for Christ through actions than a teacher who simply goes through the motions of talking about God. It is a privilege to talk openly about faith but faith can be displayed in so many other ways than through words. Not being able to talk about religion in the school setting may be very hard for some Christian teachers but they should view this as an opportunity to stretch themselves. Christian teachers in both private and public schools have an obligation to spread the message of Christ, but their modes and methods of doing so will simply be different.

  21. Kathy Urbanowicz

    Christian schools are great for students but so are Public schools. I went to a pubic school K-12 and I had a positive experince and just like Natalia wrote, I also went to CCD class on the weekends to learn about my religion and I felt privileged doing so, I was aware not all of my friends at school were the same religion, but when I attended CCD I felt a closer bond to my classmates because I knew that we all shared the same belief. I feel that parents who send their children to public schools have the right to voice their opinions about teachings of other religions because there is the separation of church and state. If parents want their children to learn about Christianity then there is always the option of sending them to Christian schools or Sunday School depending on their financial situation. I believe we should spread the message of Christ as often as we can but I also feel that we are not betraying him by not being able to spread his good word while teaching in a Public Classroom.

  22. Kurt Gruppen

    I have been fortunate to grow up in a Chrstian School my entire life. My parents made a huge sacrafice to put 6 kids through Chrstian education. There is a lot to be learned by children whose parents have made the same sacrafice as mine did. I didn’t realize it at the time but i know now that I often took forgranted my Christian education. I dont disagree at all that there is a place for Christian teachers in a public school setting. I think that as a Christian in a public school you are very limited in how you can attempt to furthur God’s Kingdom. Just like public schools there are many lost students in Christian schools as well. I believe there is an extremely high need for good Christian teachers in Christian schools as well as public schools. Personally as a teacher I could not handle being limited in what i can say by being in a public school. Even if i was in a public school I would attempt to spread the Word as freely as I wanted because after all, we are called to glorify God above all, even if above our work. I agree that in a public school you can be a good example to students by your actions. But that is it. Your actions are the only means you can use to influence your students in a Christian way.

  23. Jordan Scholten

    I appreciate your post and I would like to respond to a few things. I am a Christian who intends on teaching in the public schools. My understanding of the law most likely pales next to yours but I’ve always understood that as a teacher, it is possible that if a student brings up the topic of Christianity, and a relationship with Jesus, that it is possible for the teacher to speak freely about it, and that it is only illegal if the teacher initiates the conversation. Regardless, we as Christians are called to be witnessess to the love and grace of Christ Jesus. I believe that we as teachers can do that simply by living as Christ-like as possible, and when the students, and hopefully other teachers, wonder why we live the way we do, we can then open up and answer their questions, thus sharing the grace of God with them.
    I feel that if it is the will of God for a teacher to openly profess their faith in Christ, that He will provide.

  24. David Van Dyke

    I believe that teaching is a calling. Everyone is not meant to teach. Teaching is more than teaching six or seven core subjects. Teachers are their to also teach about God and also more. Teachers can act Christian by being encouraging to their students, acting fair when assigning grades, reaching out to students that need it, and by being their friend as well as their teacher. Although praying in public schools does not happen, it doesn’t meant that it cannot happen. If you believe in God, then you should be allowed to share what He has done. You can talk about His creation and everything in it. Everything in it is good, including us. We are called by God to glorify Him in all that we do, which is by word and action. On the flip side, if parents want their children to learn about God, then they can take them to church on sundays, bible studies, and perhaps should have chosen a private christian school. Maybe parents need to do more research on schools before they send their children to it. Liek most people say, you can’t put a price on education.

  25. Julie Vander Wey

    In response to this article, I totally agree with it. For many christian teachers who teach in a public school, it is okay for them to talk about their faith as long as it is not forced on the students, such as prayer during class. For many other christian teachers who teach in a public school, on the other hand, are not allowed to say anything at all about their faith. Growing up, My parents have sent me to a christian school all my life. I know that many of my teachers were a very good influence on me based on how they influenced me in the classroom and outside of the classroom with their beliefs. I agree that in a christian school you have more of an opening to express your faith with students and to be a strong influence than you do being in a public school not being able to express your faith at all. On the other hand, I believe that a public school teacher can still reflect christian beliefs without ever talking about God based on how you talk to students, your attitude in general, and how you teach your students. There are always times where you can be a witness and express your beliefs with your students outside of the classroom such as when you are helping students after school with homework.

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