A word of thanks to those of you who . . .

kept in focus the big picture of nurturing faith in students, despite all the distractions and obstacles during this school year;

kept your cool when working with a student for the umpteenth time on a repeated issue—thanks for remembering that God continues to forgive each of us for repeated sins;

listened well and were fully present even though you knew what a student or colleague was about to say and you had 90 million other things calling to you;

found a way to mediate and bring peace between student and student, student and teacher, teacher and parent, administration and board;

challenged students to connect their beliefs and their actions;

shared your faith even though it felt risky and you weren’t sure how students or parents would receive your testimony;

cared deeply about the hurts and pain of students and staff and demonstrated your concern through seen or unseen acts of kindness;

did the right thing from a Christian perspective even though it was unpopular and you took some heat for your decision;

pointed students and teachers toward prophetic living and expanded their worldview;

attempted to live and model Christ in faithful service;

saw the image of God in each person and tried to see them through the eyes of Christ; or

helped move your school forward in reaching its mission.

Well done, good and faithful servant—enter into a time of renewal and refreshment during the summer months!

Thanks for reading the Nurturing Faith blog this past school year – see you again in September,

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One response to “A word of thanks to those of you who . . .

  1. I am new to “blogging” and am wondering what the process/procudure is for the “sharing” of blog content. I am interested in using a couple of your posts (with proper credit) on two blogs for which I am responsible. Please let me know how this “happens.”


    Nancy R. DeHaan
    Mid Atlantic Christian Schools Association

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