Welcome to a new school year!

Congratulations on getting the train rolling down the track again with gathering speed!  We hope your first days and weeks of the new school year have been blessed and joyful as you greet and get acquainted with students and parents.

This marks the beginning of our third year producing this blog that goes out to all CSI member schools and others who have joined the subscription list. As I stated at the outset, the intent of this blog is to focus on the faith nurture of youth (school age through college), to connect people and resources, and to have conversations and share ideas around how to best nurture faith in youth at school, church, home, and life.

As you may have noted, we have had several contributors of content and your contributions are welcomed. Whether you have written some content that others have suggested deserves a broader audience, or simply have an idea for a post, I would love to hear from you. I always welcome your comments on posts to the blog as well.

This year we will be publishing the Nurturing Faith blog on a once every four week schedule, as opposed to a once every two week schedule. This should allow both you and I some time to compose and read the content at a more reasonable rate! However, I may post to the blog on an irregular basis – feel free to check back as you wish. Looking forward to another year of connecting in this way!

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