The Code Talkers Project

codetalkers-coverIn the time of war, accurate and confidential information can be the difference between life and death for soldiers. During World War II, Navajos played a key role for the Allies, creating a secret military code for communication purposes. In a new DVD called The Code Talkers Project: Keeping the Code Alive, Rehoboth Christian School shares the stories of the Navajo Code Talkers and celebrates how the Navajo language helped to win the war. Rehoboth middle school students interviewed the Navajo war heroes and were involved in the production of the DVD under the guidance of director Theo Bremer-Bennett. The documentary is about 30 minutes in length and would be a wonderful addition to your social studies curriculum or for inspirational use, such as a chapel.

What I like so much about this project is that it involves students in understanding their roots and appreciating their culture, connecting cross-generationally with their elders, and working collaboratively to produce the final product. It is a great example of students in Christian schools getting involved in creating culture (see blog post of January 16, 2009 – Creating Culture.)

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the video for $15 please contact Sue Eddy at Proceeds from the sale of this DVD will go towards Rehoboth’s Navajo Code Talkers Communication Center & their Navajo Language program.

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