If you work with kids, read this book!

If there is one book about kids that you should consider reading in the next few months, I would recommend that you dive into NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman.  The authors take a chapter each to explore ten subjects related to kids, analyze the related research, and present conclusions that challenge conventional thinking. Chapter topics include praise, sleep, race, lying, kindergarten, siblings, teen rebellion, self-control, playing with others, and infant language skills.

The conclusions in this book should provoke healthy and productive discussion among K-12 teaching faculty at school or church, parenting groups, or husbands and wives.  The authors have done a great service in synthesizing a wide range of research, field interview material, and resources into an enjoyable and readable book that will appeal to a wide range of adults who work with and nurture children and youth.


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2 responses to “If you work with kids, read this book!

  1. We are currently reading as a faculty When Kids Hurt by Chap Clark and Steve Rabey. Would this compare to that book?

    • Not sure, but knowing who Chap is I am guessing that the book you are reading is written from a Biblical perspective. The book I mention in this post is not written from that perspective, but it does a compelling job of synthesizing research in a number of areas that could also provoke significant discussion amongst a faculty. Maybe you would like to read this one next semester. :)

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