Ten questions for your church about Christian day school education

  1. Public education cannot and will not point children to God. Simply put, all education is religious in nature – it is either man centered or God centered. Public education cannot legally acknowledge God as creator and sustainer of life. Who can be thanked in a public school curriculum? Where is praise to be directed?

  2. Do you believe Sunday School and youth group alone can adequately provide a solid foundation for the faith formation of youth?
  3. Can kids truly be expected to be effective “salt and light” in public K – 12 education? (see my blog post of 4.28.08)
  4. When your church recognizes and prays for those adults who are nurturing faith of kids in your church, do you also recognize and pray for those “missionary teachers” in Christian day school and encourage them in their work?
  5. Kids are having less conversations about faith today according to Barna research. Where can kids best have conversations about faith on a daily basis and begin to understand how faith relates to all of life?
  6. Our first mission field is our own kids – what good is it to “save the world and lose our own soul”? (our kids as flesh of our flesh)
  7. A prime strategy in use in world mission outreach is to begin a Christian school right after establishing a church. It works – why do we not believe it to work in North America?
  8. Why do some of us pledge in our baptismal forms to do all in our power to raise children to love and serve the Lord and then not help provide Christian day school education for all families?
  9. Ask your pastor if he/she would have been better equipped for their work if he/she had been trained at a “public school” seminary or a Christian seminary and if not, ask them why any different approach should be used for kids and their spiritual training and development.
  10. Christian education and advocating for missions/evangelism are not antithetical – each of our children is a “mission project.” If faith is more caught than taught, don’t we want kids to have the most contact with adults who are living out their faith and showing how God is revealed through all of learning?

“Keep these words that I am commanding you today in your heart. Recite them to your children and talk about them when you are at home and when you are away, when you lie down and when you rise.”  Deuteronomy 6:6-7.


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3 responses to “Ten questions for your church about Christian day school education

  1. Dave Mulder

    A powerful list here, Dan. Thanks for the challenging ideas–thought-provoking as always.

    • Matt Covey


      I found #7 interesting. This may be a question with an obvious answer, but why has this been the strategy and why is it working?

      • Matt- In order to make a lasting change in a community and a culture, worldviews and desires of the heart must be informed by the God’s Word and his sovereignty over all aspects of his creation taught to the next generation. It is most effectively done over the course of five days plus Sunday rather than just Sunday alone. If we are training children to be leaders, this takes intensive training of head, heart, and hands over time. There is no shortcut to forming the kinds of habits and practices that lead children to understand what the “foolishness” of the kingdom of God is all about.

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