The Cardus Survey results – part 2

It seems appropriate to celebrate the positive results of Protestant Christian school education that we see through the research contained within the Cardus survey. As Christians we sometimes have difficulty celebrating the goodness and grace of God in our lives.

Yet here are many things worthy of celebration! Compared to their public school, Catholic school, and non-religious private school peers, Protestant Christian school students do the following:

  • Show a higher level of commitment to their families, churches, and larger society
  • Donate more money despite having lower household incomes
  • Are more generous with their time
  • Participate more in service trips for relief and development and in mission trips for evangelization
  • Make family a top priority and consequently divorce less frequently
  • Are more thankful for what they have in life
  • Do not feel helpless when dealing with problems in life
  • Report greater direction in their lives
  • Are committed to progress in their communities
  • Practice spiritual disciplines more frequently
  • Are more committed to their churches
  • Follow church teachings to a greater degree
  • Use Scripture more to make moral decisions
  • Believe religion should be a part of the public debate on social and political issues
  • Demonstrate a theological sense of vocation

Christian educators should feel a sense of joy and satisfaction when thinking of the hours of prayer, instruction, correction and direction that go into being a part of producing students with the kinds of qualities listed above. We are also grateful for God’s grace in the lives of students in our schools. Who would not be proud of students displaying these wonderful qualities? Certainly our students make the world a better place and contribute significantly to daily life through their “faithful presence” and their obedience to Christ in living out their faith. We have much to be thankful for!


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3 responses to “The Cardus Survey results – part 2

  1. Mark H.


    I hope all is well with you!

    Can you provide some specific figures to go with the thoughts above from the Cardus survey? I am particularly curious about these:

    •Practice spiritual disciplines more frequently
    •Are more committed to their churches
    •Follow church teachings to a greater degree
    •Use Scripture more to make moral decisions

    I hear more and more about today’s youth being increasingly likely to leave their faith (or set it aside) during the years after high school, and i would appreciate knowing if solid research data indeed shows that it is less likely for graduates from Protestant Christian schools.



    • Hi Mark,

      Good to hear from you! You may wish to download the survey for the kind of information that you are seeking. You may also wish to contact Cardus for more in-depth analysis of the data. Great questions and concerns!


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