A poem about leadership

Leadership is . . .

Leadership is not about speed, ideas, efficiency, or power . . .

It is about knowing your own limitations and celebrating the gifts of others,

It is growing in wisdom, understanding the number of our days, and seeking to understand rather than be understood.

It is caring for people, always hoping for, and expecting the best.

It is being brave enough to be vulnerable in front of others.

It is seeing the big picture of where things are, and building a road to the future with limited casualties.

It is helping each person to sing their song from the heart, and leading the band in praise to their Maker.

by Dan Beerens


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10 responses to “A poem about leadership

  1. Thanks Dan. Oh, to be able to be this kind of leader every moment of every day in our roles in our schools – it is only by the grace of God and the power of the Spirit that we can come close to this. Thanks again for your powerful words!

  2. Judith

    Thank you Dan. I so liked it and will share it. This poem reminded me that leaders are meant to serve others not to be served, Just like Jesus!

  3. Larry

    Thank you, Dan. Well done. Your poem is a good reminder and an encouragement.

  4. Osima gift .E

    I love this poem it’s a soul impacting one. Keep it up.

  5. Bridgette

    Wow this is awesome

  6. Carmela Marasigan

    I like your poem. :)
    It serves as the leaders’ reminder about leadership.

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  8. Pati

    This is AWESOME! I plan to share it wirh my American Heritage Girls leaders

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